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Consorzio Ricerca Filiera Lattiero Casearia, CoRFiLaC, placed in Ragusa (Sicily-Italy), was founded in 1996 in Ragusa (Sicily). It is a public entity of the Sicilian Region with the participation of Catania University, the city of Ragusa and few private bodies.

CoRFiLaC has been recognized as an entity of public-interest by the Sicilian Regional Decree n. 3390 on December 31, 1996. Its aim is to apply the scientific research to the dairy supply chain, train and support the dairy farmers and technicians working on the chain, and to communicate the scientific results.

CoRFiLaC is an International research center, aimed to study the traditional dairy productions, focusing above all on the Sicilian ones.

CoRFiLaC, as authority recognized by the Italian Agricultural Ministry (MIPAAF) to certify the PDO Ragusano cheese and PDO Pecorino Siciliano cheese, uses the sensory analysis to control the quality and give value to those productions.

The project management and the scientific communication of Sensory Analysis is organized by a team, composed by the research director of CoRFiLaC Stefania Carpino, by the Sensory Project Manager Junior (SPMJ) Giovanni Marino, and by the Food Technologist Stefania La Terra.

The sensory analysis is done by a panel composed by an expert group of trained judges within CoRFiLaC, who have been selected and trained to the perception of the chemical-physical sensorial inputs. The panel activity is coordinated by the Sensory Project Manager Junior (Certified n° 16/J) who is in charge to plan the sensory analysis, to interpret the results and to coordinate the training activity.



Some of the main topics where CoRFiLaC operates are listed below:

– Characterization of the sensory profile of dairy products of the Mediterranean area;

– Study of the consumer behavior using sensory analysis;

– Characterization of the flavor profile and nutritional aspects of dairy products;

– Food safety and traditional cheese production typical of Mediterranean area;

– High technology applied to traditional Sicilian cheeses;

– Management and milk quality for Sicilian dairy farms;

– Training project for young people, applied directly in schools;

– Experimental Marketing.

The sensory analysis lab of CoRFiLaC plays a strategic role on National and International projects:

  • 2007-2013
    HI.L.F.TRAD-PO ITALIA TUNISIA – Hilâl new technologies applied to the traditional Tunisian-Sicilian dairy chain;
  • 2007-2013
    T-cheesimal OP ITALIA-MALTA – New technologies to support traditional cheese production in Sicily and Malta;
  • 2007/2013
    PO FESR Regione Siciliana 2007/2013 – AGRIVET – Center for the innovation of quality systems, traceability and Agri-food certification;
  • Project “Terre di Arborea”;
  • PSR Misura 124 – Cooperation to develop new products, processes and technologies in agricolture and food field and forestry;
  • APQ Accordo di programma quadro – program to sustain the Regional Cooperation.




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