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The sensory team of the University of Udine is a part of the research group “Livestock Systems and Product Quality“, which is comprised in the Animal and Veterinary Science section (SAV), of the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environmental and Animal Science (DI4A).

Livestock Systems and Product Quality research group carries out studies and develops projects concerning the husbandry systems and their influence on the characteristics and proprieties of animal products.
Particular attention is devoted to consumer perception, considered in its complex personal and social dimensions that interact and affect food preferences and choices.

Sensory results are integrated with zootechnical data and physical, chemical and molecular analyses to study and characterize foods of animal origin (meats and meat products, cheeses and dairy products, fish and derivatives).

The research projects, in which the sensory sciences are applied and developed, concern:

  • The assessment of the welfare of dairy cows in mountain farms;
  • The evaluation of the environmental impact associated with milk production in multifunctional mountain farms by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approaches;
  • The study of the feeding behavior of dairy cows on alpine pastures;
  • Collaboration with  ERSA  for the mitigation of sectoral impacts due to climate change;
  • Collaboration with ANAPRI for the enhancement of mono breed products;
  • Cooperation for the development of livestock systems in Sub-Sahara African areas.

Prof. Edi Piasentier is the coordinator of the “Livestock Systems and Product Quality” research group that brings together seven staff members: two professors, one researcher, two PhD candidates and two research grant holders. The group’s activities are carried out in collaboration with three skilled lab technicians.

The sensory team comprises two members of the  permanent staff University of Udine and some unstructured staff (graduated students and trainees, PhD students, postdoc researchers).

Sensory laboratory hosts students and trainees ( of the University of Udine, foreign students, fellows and academics involved in the development and application of sensory analysis to foods of animal origin.


The most significant research projects of the last few years concerning the sensory sciences are:

  • Italian Taste Project ( of SISS;
  • Goat cheese Evaluation production in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Sensory profile and consumer preferences for caciotta cheese made with commercial and autochthonous starters. (ERSA Project);
  • Valorization of the Italian Simmental meat chain in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Project CRITA);
  • Sensory profile and consumer preferences for Montasio DOP-PDM cheese with different ripening time (Project CRITA);
  • Valorization and certification of mountain food products (Research agreement with Comunità Montana del Gemonese, Canal del Ferro e Val Canale);
  • Innovation in rainbow trout farming for improving product quality and environmental sustainability. Sensory profile of fish fillets and fish burgers, consumer test on trout fillets (IRIDEA project );
  • Sensory profile and consumer preferences for goat meat (ERSA Project);
  • Applicable requirements and perceived typicality of dry cured ham (PRIN Project);
  • Valorization strategies and qualitative characteristics of Friulan ricotta cheese (2005-2014 collaboration with APROLACA);
  • Sensory characteristics of veal from different suppliers and consumer preferences (Project in collaboration with COOP Italia);
  • Sensory profile of KRAŠKI PRŠUT (Prosciutto from Carso area located close to the Slovenian border) (Collaboration with the University of Florence and the Institute of Agriculture of Slovenia);
  • Efficiency, quality and innovation in organic livestock farming. Perceived quality of chicken meat, pecorino cheese, beef (EQUIZOOBIO project and research agreement with Trento Province);
  • Innovation and optimization in the typical raw ham industry. Characteristics of San Daniele ham in relation to pig genetic type (Art.23, L.R. n ° 26/05);
  • Alpine network for sheep and goat promotion for sustainable territory development (Interreg III B project – Alpine Space, Contract I / III / 1.2 / 10).



Prof. Edi Piasentier

Full professor in Animal Husbandry (AGR / 19) at the three-year degree “Animal husbandry and health” and master degree “Animal husbandry and welfare“.

Since 1999, the year of its establishment, he is the coordinator of the “Livestock  Systems and Product Quality” research group and head of the Laboratory of Sensory Analysis of DI4A department.

The scientific career of Edi Piasentier, as with his teaching career, has developed through the study and evaluation of livestock systems and factors of variability in animal production, with the aim of developing and assessing strategies and methods of farming management designed to increase the efficiency of production and the quality of products in a framework of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Following an initial application on animal nutrition and feeding, his scientific attention moved towards themes concerning the husbandry systems, the technological, sensory and dietary quality of livestock products, the consumer perception and attitude towards foods of animal origin, particularly meat and meat products. In order to achieve the above objectives, he has furthered his methodological and analytical skills regarding the evaluation and characterization of products of animal origin, in collaboration  with  foreign  and  national fellow experts.

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Dr. Saida Favotto

Sensory laboratory technician. For years engaged in the field of sensory analysis applied mainly to foods of animal origin. She supports research activities of the “Livestock Systems and Product Quality” group  and the main task consists in planning and developing analysis to determine the sensory quality of food and consumer perception.

She collaborates in didactic activities related to sensory analysis for students and trainees of the degree courses in “Animal husbandry and health” and “Animal husbandry and welfare” participates in writing scientific publications and in promotional activities related to food and sensory perception.

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