Dipartimento per la Ricerca nelle Produzioni Animali (DiRPA) di AGRIS

SS 291 Sassari-Fertilia, Km. 18,600, loc. Bonassai Sassari

Research team

In Agris, the Sardinian Regional Agency for the scientific research, sperimentation and technological innovation, in agricultural issues, agro-industry and forestry, various departments collaborate in order to promote scientific research, both basic and applied, and the knowledge transfer to foster rural sustainable development and linked economic sector, raise his competitive scientific skills, take care and promote animal and vegetal bio-diversity.
The AGRIS Department for the Research on Animal Productions (DiRPA), boasts a national and international role in research areas like sheep and goat husbandry, milk processing and quality of sheep milk dairy products. The collaboration between the microbiology, chemistry, animal husbandry and sensory analyses divisions gives a multidisciplinary imprint to the studies carried out by the Department. In particular, the DiRPA is the regional reference for sensory analysis of sheep dairy products, and recently it has futher extended its expertise to other foodstuffs such as meat, fruit and vegetables and products from aquaculture.
In compliance with the voluntary ISO standards, the sensory analyses lab is equipped with 5 sensory booths, recently computerized with a netbook system, an area for the products processing, provided with an industrial oven for the controlled cooking, an area for the samples preparation and one for the panel discussions.
The research team is composed of dr Maria Francesca Scintu, the qualified technician Mr Riccardo Di Salvo, dr Carlo Piga.

Research projects

The ongoing projects are:

  • Influence of thermal treatments on chemicals and sensory characteristics of ewes milk cheeses;
  • The sensory evaluation in the enterprise quality control;
  • Shelf life evaluation on sheep dairy products, operative procedures for enterprises;
  • Studies of new sheep dairy products in order to overcome the crisis of ovine Sardinian division;
  • Develop of an European network within the “FoodUnique” project aimed at the enhancement of local products.


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