Laimburg Research Center

Laimburg 6, Vadena I-39051 Bolzano


 The Sensory Scienze Group of Laimburg Research Center was founded in 2014 and belongs to Laimburg Food Technology Institute.
Research is devoted to the sensory and instrumental characterization of food products and consumer science. Research and innovation projects are carried out in close collaboration with the primary production and with food processing and production companies and include strong interaction between research centres.

The research group devoted to sensory sciences is composed of Dr. Lidia Lozano PhD, Group leader, and Dr. Nicoletta Piazzolla PhD, a collaborator.



Main research topics are:

  • Development of trained panels for the evaluation of food products;
  • Characterization of sensory quality and shelf-life studies;
  • Support to product innovation in sensory quality and consumer science;
  • Evaluation of the effects of processing on food sensory quality;
  • Optimization and valorisation of regional products;

Ongoing projects are:

  • Development of an apple juice sensory panel;
  • Establishment of a sensory panel for the development of a model for sweetness perception in apple fruit;
  • Sensory analysis of new red-fleshed varieties and the most promising varieties for Südtirol;
  • Effect of variety on the characteristics of apple dried products;
  • Testing of dried apple by controlled instant controlled pressuredrop (DIC);
  • Standardization of ingredients and process on small-scale production of fruit marmalades;
  • Speck Quality – Analytical and instrumental determination of qualitative characteristics of South Tyrol Speck PGI;
  • Sensory Science and Consumer Science Support to optimize the quality of South Tyrol Speck PGI;
  • Italian Taste – Individual variability in food preferences between physiological, genetic and psychological factors. 



Sensory Science Group Laimburg
Laimburg Research Centre
Laimburg 6, I-39051 Vadena (BZ), Italy

Dr. Lidia Lozano PhD


Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali

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