The seminar, organised by the University of Florence and the SISS & E3S Taste Sensitivity Working Group, aims at promoting know-how and expertise on taste responsiveness measurements and their significance in association to food perception and preference.

Early stage researchers and PhD candidates will get training opportunities on taste responsiveness measurements including PROP responsiveness, automated papillae counting and tactile acuity indices.


prof. Caterina Dinnella
dr. Lapo Pierguidi
Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry, University of Florence

prof. Iole Tomassini Barbarossa
dr. Melania Melis

Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cagliari


Official language: English

Credits: Certificate of attendance – 1 CFU for Unifi PhD Candidates





Luogo dell’evento

Online seminar


Wednesday 8th July

Introduction to PROP Taster Status: variability in human bitter taste response to thiourea compounds
Caterina Dinnella, University of Florence

10.30- 11.15
Influences of TAS2R38 haplotypes and PROP phenotypes on intensity responses to oral stimuli
Caterina Dinnella, University of Florence

How to assess phenotype markers of oral acuity: PROP Taster status and fungiform papillae density
Caterina Dinnella and Lapo Pierguidi, University of Florence

Thursday 9th July
Electrophysiological recordings from the human tongue as a direct and objective evaluation of responsiveness to taste stimuli
Iole Tomassini Barbarossa and  Melania Melis, University of Cagliari

11.00 -12.15
Individual variation in texture perception
Caterina Dinnella