Call for abstracts - Best Student Flash Presentation

To encourage participation from sensory science students across Europe, a dedicated student session will be organized in combination with the main event. Students are invited to submit an abstract of their research for a flash presentation, which will be reviewed and scored by an independent scientific judging panel. The winner of the best flash presentation award will be granted with 100 euro.

Students are asked to send their abstract by 15th April 2019 (EXTENDED DEADLINE 30th April 2019) to and

To apply for this award you must:

Extended abstracts’ instructions

The extended abstract should be 400 words and must have the following items:



Results and Discussion



In order to facilitate editing, the following rules should be adhered to:

Use A4 page format (210 x 297 mm)

Leave 2.5 cm margins at the top, bottom, right and left sides of each page

Use Arial font

Use size 14 points bold for paper title, size 12 points bold for authors’ names, size 12 points bold for section titles, and size 12 points regular for the text.

Use single space between lines.

You must also submit the following:

A short CV (max 1 page)

A supporting letter from a supervisor confirming eligibility of the student

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