Quattro posizioni come ricercatore di quarto livello Fondazione Mach

The Fondazione Mach is offering:

  • N. 4 (four) temporary positions as Fourth level researcher (R4) for up to 36 months* or to the end of the project in the field of: applied biology, agricultural sciences, dairy sciences and microbiology, food chemistry, food science and technology, consumer’s science – Selection for the creation of a list of people for temporary positions (337_CRI_ONFOODS) – application deadline February 19, 2023.

The project includes the following subprojects:

  • Project 1: High-throughput food volatilome analysis for safety assessment and new product development (traditional and novel foods) (temporary position for up to 36 months);
  • Project 2: Consumer perception and acceptability of food innovation and food safety of novel foods (temporary position for up to 36 months);
  • Project 3: Food safety and quality of Traditional and Novel Foods (temporary position for up to 36 months);
  • Project 4: Food Quality and Nutrition (temporary position for up to 22 months).

The selection process aims to generate short lists for each subproject to hire candidates on a non-permanent (contractual) basis.

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