The Italian Sensory Science Society 
are pleased to present A 3-day new course in sensory and consumer science.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

The course will feature recent advances in cognitive psychology applied to sensory and consumer studies. You will also get an overview of some of the most important methods and statistical tools that can be used for collecting and extracting useful information from sensory and consumer data.

The course will give you an updated basis for planning an experimental design respondent to the aims utilising and understanding your data better as basis for decisions in a commercial setting.

The presentations will cover both theoretical background, a large number of relevant examples and case studiescomputer demonstrations and also some hands on activities.

The course is based 
on a multidimensional approach, 
with three modules, each focused 
on a hot topic: 
consumer preferences, expectations 
and emotions.

SISS program course Florence June 2016

Luogo dell’evento

Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Lungarno del Tempio, Firenze


8th June 2016


9.30-11 – John Prescott
Explaining preferences

  • Psychology of consumer preferences
  • Individual differences, preferences and cross cultural studies
  • Influences: exposure, familiarity, attention, learning mechanisms
  • Preferences and contexts

11-11.30 – Break

11.30-13 – John Prescott
Measuring preference: methods and case studies

  • Explicit and implicit measures of preferences
  • Rating scales: applications and limitations
  • Implicit methods: Implicit association task (IAT), priming

13-15 – Lunch

15-16.30 – Tormod Naes
Analysing preferences: methods and practical applications I

  • Introduction to PCA and multivariate regression (PLS), scores, loadings, explained variance, correlation loadings.
  • Preference mapping by examples, individual differences, external and internal mapping.

16.30-17 – Break

17-18.30 – Tormod Naes
Applications: Demonstrations and hands-on

Using ConsumerCheck for visualizing preference data, PCA, preference mapping

9th June 2016


9.30-11 – John Prescott
Explaining expectations:

  • Expectations as a psychological construct
  • Sources of expectations: memory, associations
  • Types of expectations: sensory-based, hedonic or affect-based, 
credence-based expectations

11-11.30 – Break

11.30-13 – Erminio Monteleone
Measuring expectations: methods and case studies

  • Assimilation and contrast effects
  • The role of expectations in consumer-driven product development
  • Measuring expectations to gain an insight into product performance

13-15 – Lunch

15-16.30 – Tormod Naes
Analysing preferences: methods and practical applications

  • Simple ANOVA, two-way and ideas related to extensions to more complex situations.
  • Conjoint analysis by the use of ANOVA, population effects and individual differences in liking.
  • Understanding individual differences in liking in light of consumer attributes (preference mapping and conjoint analysis).

16.30-17 – Break

17-18.30 – Tormod Naes
Applications: Demonstrations and hands-on

Using ConsumerCheck for conjoint analysis

10th June 2016


9.30-11 – John Prescott
Explaining emotions:

  • What are emotions
  • Emotions and decision-making
  • Emotions and cross-cultural studies

11-11.30 – Break

11.30-13 – Sara Spinelli
Measuring emotions: 
Emotion measurement methods in sensory and consumer studies and applied consumer neuroscience

  • What emotions are we measuring
  • Explicit measurements: verbal and visual self-reports
  • Standardised and product specific questionnaires; Questionnaires using words and/or images. Examples: EsSense Profile, GEOS, EmoSemio, PrEmo
  • Implicit measurements: 
Implicit Association and Emotive Projection Test
  • Measuring emotions through physiological measures (ANS)
  • Measuring emotions from the brain: applied consumer neuroscience

13-15 – Lunch

15-16.30 – Erminio Monteleone & Sara Spinelli
Analysing emotions: case studies

  • Emotions in the product experience: 
from the product to the packaging (and back)
  • Sensory and branding: the impact of expectations on emotions
  • Context and emotions

16.30-17 – Break

17-18.30 – Erminio Monteleone & Sara Spinelli
Applications: Demonstrations and hands-on

Using ConsumerCheck for applications on specific case studies on emotions


Registration fee (by the 6th of May, 2016):
900 euro (SISS/E3S members)                        1000 (non SISS/E3S members)

After the 6th of May:
1000 euro (SISS/E3S members)                      1100 (non SISS/E3S members)

Registration includes coffee break, lunch, course material, certificate of attendance.

10% discount applied to each additional registrant from the same company/institution when registered at the same time.

5% discount is reserved to students and young professional (under 35 years old).

Attendees may bring along their own PC/Mac laptops and install ConsumerCheck software from before the course (available for Windows and Mac). In case of need, assistance for the installation of the software will be provided. 
Data for applications will be provided.

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